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NTFY.it Demo: Yes, it even works with Twitter. Available as Chrome Extension.

Realtime Notification Center in the Cloud

Add your own notifications through an easy-to-use REST API

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NTFY.it is in private bèta. Developers can get early acces by requesting an invite.

Thanks to PubNub, NodeJS, LESSCSS and Twitter Bootstrap

What is NTFY.it?

NTFY.it is a Notification Center that is available as a Google Chrome Extension. It is feeded with notifications coming from various developers. That could be even you and your service/website! All these data is stored in the Cloud so other extensions (i.e. mobile) may come very soon.

Imagine all your notifications together in one place, accessible on multiple devices.
Wouldn’t that be awesome?

By using our simple REST API, you are able to send notifications to specific users. It all happens in real-time, thanks to the amazing PubNub service.

How it works

NOTE: NTFY.it is a private bèta. Developers can get early access by requesting an invite.

NTFY.it can be seperated into 2 parts: the developers part and the clients part.

The clients Notification Center is feeded by notifications coming from various developers.
So there first need to be developers. That is why we currently only focus on the developers part.
NTFY.it is not yet available for clients only!

After receiving an invite, you get a developers key and 2 client accounts.

Developers can create resources which are able to send push notifications to clients. Therefore the resource needs to be added to the clients account.

That is - in a few words - the idea behind the NTFY.it API. The full documentation is available after logging in as developer.